Grade my draft please and thank you

I drafted in the 10 spot of an 11 team (I know weird) league.

Full PPR.

The one kicker is that we get charged $5 an add in this league. So streaming a QB and Defense can get quite expensive. With that being said, let me know your thoughts.

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I like the team over all, not a fan of the $5 rules but it is what it is.

RBs would be my biggest concern here with lack of upside with any of them past Hunt. With that your WR depth and upside is very nice. I would look into packaging T.Y./Landry/Goodwin and one of your RBs to try and get a more serviceable RB2 or even a fringe RB1 if anyone is willing to trade them. T.Y has a great week 1 match up and if he puts up a big game he will be a great sell high. To keep your WR depth look at add a guy like Mike Williams or Tyler Lockett off of waivers if you end up shopping one of your WR.

A) Your league’s rules are brutal. Find a new league.

B) Drafting 2 QBs would have probably been a mistake. Why on earth did you draft 3? Definitely limited your wr and rb depth.

A) I don’t mind the rules. I like leagues that are a little on the pricey side so people actually care and pay attention so I’m good with it.

B) I respectfully disagree on the drafting 2 QB’s probably being a mistake. Due to it being $5 an add that is exactly why I drafted a second. The third QB is for the guys that didn’t take a 2nd QB as trade bait. In the 15th round of an 11 team league there aren’t many WR/RB left to get excited about so I decided to snag some trade bait. If I only took 1 QB (which I do in my other league) then streaming say 4 or 5 times in the season can get pricey. I’m all for spending money to get money but if I can get Blake the Snake in the 16th round while everyone else is taking kickers, it is a no brainer.

Yeah I have found myself with Drake on both of my big league teams this year and I am quite nervous. If he ends up being a stud I will be set, but the uncertainty about his role does make me nervous. I like the idea of waiting after Hilton’s week 1 game though and packaging him with someone to get a solid RB. Probably end up making a move like that early in the season. I would also like to move either Landy or Njoku. I think they both will have good seasons but not too thrilled about having two pass catchers on the same team.

Thanks for the feedback.

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A) I like leagues on the pricey side too, which is why I get into leagues with high buy ins and lobby to increase the buy ins in the leagues I’m in. The problem with putting a price on transactions is that it has the effect of artificially pushing down the amount of transactions, as evidenced by your comments under B). Why would you want your league to be less active? It’s just a bad rule.

B) Your odd league rules are the only reason why it’s just probably a mistake to draft 2 QBs, and not definitely a mistake. I’m in plenty of 12 team leagues and there are absolutely still rbs and wrs (moreso wrs) worth drafting in the 15th round. You should have also been drafting your kicker in the 16th round, like your league mates, and drafting a lottery ticket at a skill position in the 15th. I really don’t think, in a 1QB league, anyone is going to be beating down your door to offer a kings ransom for Blake Bortles…

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