Grade My Draft Please -- Full PPR

I think I did all right. League is 11-team full PPR, victories going to highest point totals each week (including Week 17) and at end of season. No H2H, no playoffs.

QB – Watson, Burrow
RB – Zeke, A. Jones, Mostert, Lindsay, Pollard
WR – Robinson, McLaurin, Gallup, Marvin Jones, Lazard
TE – Hurst, Goedert
DEF – Colts
K – Elliott

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Looks good. A for me.

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Thanks kindly, I was maybe a bit worried that WR was a little weak.

I hear ya. Tough to be strong everywhere. Mine is below and feel the same way in spots.

12 Team Standard

Matt Ryan


Marv Jones

Hurst, Hockenson

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Not bad, hopefully Sanders’s hamstring ends up OK. You have a couple of the backs I was hoping for at Rd 2-4 in Carson and Jacobs.

Thanks. Will see what happens.

Good luck this year…

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Ditto good sir.

Thanks :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Everyone looks good after the draft…
As soon as you start get some injuries and bye weeks…
that is where you get seperation
I never roster 2 TE or 2 QB’s
too many good pickups and injuries. I like depth at other positions