Grade my Draft Please Standard

I picked 5th in a 12 man standard league 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex, 1 D/St, 1 K, 15 rounds.
Round 1 Zeke
Round 2 McCaffrey
Round 3 Baldwin
Round 4 Diggs
Round 5 D. Lewis
Round 6 Watkins
Round 7 A. Jeffrey
Round 8 Burton
Round 9 M. Williams
Round 10 L. Murray
Round 11 Allison
Round 12 Rivers
Round 13 Clement
Round 14 Yeldon
Round 15 J. Elliott

I’m going to have to drop someone to pick up a streaming D/St for week one, but wanted to see how this holds up

Playoff bound man, easy…when alshin comes back who to start will be a good problem to have.

Since it is standard, I am not really a fan of the CMC pick. His volume should improve in the rush game but his receptions are a huge part of his game. Will have to hope he finds the end zone a bit more.

Otherwise as long as your stud WR’s stay healthy, you should be good to at least make the playoffs.

You know I felt that way about CMC, but after watching what the Panthers are doing with him in the preseason. Made me feel better about using my 2nd rounder on him. And yeah I’m not sure he sees any more TDs this year, but I’ll be happy if he gets me high end RB2 numbers