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Grade my draft please :)


Hi I am in an 8 man standard league, we needed QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, FLEX, TE, K, DST. Not really sure how well I have done as it is first season. Looking forward to your feedback.

K Cousins
D Murray
D Johnson
J Nelson
T Hilton
M Bennett
A Robinson
A Vinatieri - Not that they matter :smiley:
Texans - Not that they matter :smiley:

I Crowell
M Gillislee
C Hyde
L Miller
M Bryant
A Jefferey

I was 2nd pick

That is the final draft board if anyone is interested! (I was second to pick)


Your team is stacked. I may look to use some of your depth to upgrade at TE. Great job and good luck.


Would you trade Crowell and Bennet for Gronk? Or is that a bad trade?

There RBs are : T Montgomery, LL Fournette, S Ware and L Murray


Agree with trading bennett.


That is a solid offer. I don’t know if he’d do the trade but it’s a start for negotiations. Good luck.


Okay cheers sounds good :slight_smile: Would use choose Crowell as the RB to try and trade with?


Crowell is a good choice, he has value for sure. I definitely wouldn’t include DJ or Murray.


Okay thanks for the help I will keep you posted on how the negotiations go!


In an eight team league, I’d go try to get Gronk or Jordan Reed at TE. Those guys are difference makers, and because every team will be stacked, that’s a spot you can guarantee yourself an edge.


Your team is stacked.


Travis Kelece for Carlos Hyde + Martellus Benntett


Travis Kelece for Isaiah Crowell + Martellus Benntett

Either of those any good?


I think they’re both good deals for both teams. Just a matter of who you think will have the better season between Crowell & Hyde. If you like Hyde more, trade Crowell and vice versa. I think most are higher on Crowell despite Hyde having 2 more TD’S last season. Keep in mind health though when choosing who to ship out. Good luck.

You got some good news yesterday as Gillislee said he’s 100%.