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Grade My Draft Please


QB Aaron Rodgers, 4th round
RB Devonta Freeman, 1st round
RB Ty Montgomery, 3rd round
WR T.Y. Hilton, 2nd round
WR Brandin Cooks, 3rd round
TE Jordan Reed, 6th round
FLEX DeAndre Hopkins, 5th round
D/ST Ravens D/ST D/ST
K Caleb Sturgis, Phi K
Bench Paul Perkins, NYG RB
Bench LeGarrette Blount, Phi RB
Bench Rishard Matthews, Ten WR
Bench John Brown, Ari WR
Bench Latavius Murray, Min RB
Bench Torrey Smith, Phi WR
Bench Jason Witten, Dal TE

Yes my RB are a little low but I didn’t expect to have to draft so high up for them. The value wasn’t there for me on a lot of the guys fournette zeke and mccaffery all went middle of round 2!


I would say a C+ in my opinion.

You did well with your top wide recievers and runningbacks but you lack some depth in both. Perkins should be okay but I do not believe Blount or Murray is going to work out very well. Matthews may fade because of Decker, Brown has some upside but a big injury risk, and I do not believe Smith can get it down anymore. Congrats on grabbing Aaron and Reed. But like the footballers say…you may have been better off passing on Aaron grabbing another good running back there instead.

All in all I like the starting lineup so you should not worry to much. The bench players will be switching up a lot. Like the say…you do not win your league at the draft.


i could agree. C+ at best, i would lean just a C. i believe you took QB and TE too early. i have no problem taking 1 of those early, around the 4th round. but both by the 6th? it kills your depth. here is the good news… if your team stays healthy, you will be in good shape. so long as everyone produces like expected. because i have serious concerns about montgomery, and hopkins. cooks im growing on because of all of the turn over there. but if im wrong on those 2 and everyone is healthy, its a solid team that will produce.


I agree with yall. I really didn’t want reed but he fell so low I had to take him. I hope they stay healthy!!!