Grade my draft ! Please

12 Team Standard 2nd pick

QB: A. luck
WR: A. Cooper
WR: C. Hogan
RB: L. Bell
RB: C. Mcaffery
Flex: A. Collins
TE: T. Burton

BN: C. Kupp
BN: K. Stills
BN: L. Murray
BN: P. Rivers ( just Incase Luck doesn’t pan out)
BN: D. Foreman

Just finished my draft yday night with friends. I know I lack RB depth, but how’d I do?

Thanks guys

Its hard to tell since we don’t know who you had still on the board when you made your choices.

Team looks reasonably solid but you need to hit on Cooper and Burton otherwise I think it might a long year. I’m not sold on Collins either.

I’ll give it a solid 5/7.

I’d probably start rivers and if luck is in fact back, then you play him. I’ve never played in a standard league, so I don’t know if the value of receiving backs is good or not, though I’m sure those two will be just fine(cam steals gl work though). It looks like Burton is going to be a focus of the new bears offense, I’m targeting in all leagues. 4/5(could have gotten a pounder at 2)

I honestly like your RB group more than your WR group.

Your #1 WR in Cooper is a question mark at best. He has the talent and athleticism but it needs to pan out. Furthermore, Hogan is a 4 week rental until Edelman comes back. Then he bumps down to 3rd or 4th option. I like Cupp and Stills too but I am definitely liking your RB group more.

I lean a solid “B borderline B+”. If you can get another sturdy WR to toss in there you’re solid.

Thanks for the responses guys