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Grade my draft (trade package suggestions?)


I was drafting 13th out of 14 teams. Half-point PPR, 6-pt QB.

As I look back on my picks, I realize I’ve got a lot of injury-risk guys. Is that something to worry about at this point? Who do you think I could package together in a trade to offset some of that risk?


I actually kind of love that in a 14 team. Who’s your QB insurance policy? As long as your bench isn’t a nightmare that looks pretty solid to me. I’m not crazy about Dez as a WR1 this year but Crabtree is a great 2. You may want to look at your bench and see if you can work out some cuff action like Coleman and Hunt if possible. I’m any more worried about your injury risk than average, except for Luck obviously.


You can click the image to see my full roster. QB’s went pretty quick, but I snagged Bradford purely based on his favorable matchup against the Saints in Week 1. I know the Ballers like Dalton, but his early schedule didn’t look great to me.

My bench could be good, or not so much. Took some flyers, but snagged Beasles in case Dez goes down.


I personally wouldn’t have taken Luck (unless he dropped signicantly?), but otherwise I like the looks of this team for a 14 team league.


Seems pretty good for a 14 team league. Having Diggs on the bench is great WR depth.