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Grade my draft


What do you think of my mock draft? If you have mock drafts, post them up and give us some feedback! The below draft was a 10 man PPR drafting from the #10 position


Helps to list what your starting positions are and if there are flexes and such.

Assuming (2) RB I think you are in good shape. You have gambles at RB generally, but I believe they will pay off. I like the Wide Receivers for this year. Solid QB. You may have been better off taking a consistent RB and taking a lesser QB like Stafford/Dalton later. Same goes for Jordan Reed. While healthly thought Reed will win you some games. He just seems to be injured every year.

I don’t like Blount and Benjamin to be consistent good players in 2017. But they certainly have upside some weeks. Its hard to judge in the context of your draft not knowing what your options where.


The set up was 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 1 flex, TE 1 K 1 DEF. I feel like I got good value with reed at the top of the 5th, Gronk was my target for round 3 but he was gone.

I do agree with Blount but after 2016 with the pats, Blount seems pretty good for inside the 5 carries.


Looks solid, man. Love the Jordy/Rodgers stack, that should pay off immensely. Definitely some risks at RB but if it all goes the right way, you could be sitting pretty. Mixon might not grab the starting job right away and obviously Doug is out for a little, but I don’t see why Blount and Gillislee can’t hold you over until they’re available. Who knows though? Could work out that Blount and Gillislee stay in your lineup. Woodhead at 12 in PPR? Great value. Only pick I don’t like is Kelvin, but that’s just personal prefrence.


Without knowing what you could have had at each point in the draft makes it difficult to truly rate your team.


You are solid at WR. You’ll never take Green and Nelson out unless they are on bye, and you have a lot of flex options if you go WR.

Running backs are a little dicey if you ask me. I hate every Patriots RB this year, and you’ll probably have to rely on Gillislee at least to start the season. Mixon could be amazing, and getting him at the end of the 3rd was okay. I believe in Doug Martin and when he’s back from suspension I think you’ll have a steal on your hands.

The fact you got Danny Woodhead in the 12th is awesome to me! I love Woodhead this year and I think he’ll push 100 receptions with Flacco dumping the ball off to him.

Overall, B-


i love your 1st and 2nd pick. that one two combo is awesome. after that im not in love with it.

you took a rookie RB who isnt even guaranteed the starting job (RBC type of play in cinci).

then you followed it up by picking to early on QB and TE. i can usually handle 1 of those early, but not 2. you miss out on depth at other spots that are more important (IMO). after that i start to like it more.

gillislee is the blount of last year only a better RB all around. and dougie fresh could turn into a great pick once he is back.

benji isnt my favorite, but a number 1 (on his team) in the 8th is pretty crazy. i like you getting diggs a lot, blount is a suto worry for me because well… philly has messed up quite a few good RBs lately.

forte will be a great pick early in the season, woodhead is a steal in PPR, who cares about kickers and defense they are all streamable… and finally maclin with the 15.

i looove that pick. he is in the same kind of boat as benji is for me. you look at him and go wow he should do good but you have that worry. this late of a pick you have zero worry. why would you, you picked him at 15! thats almost like an after thought. so if he breaks it big, damn good job.

all in all i say B-

your team has potential all over, but snagging rodgers and an injury prone guy for your 3rd and 4th worry me. rodgers will do you good, im just not sold on reed. and im not sold on your depth because of you taking those 2. i think you did an excellent job of finding those potenital gems that will make it not even matter, but thats what a lot of your team is. potential. worst thing about potential? a lot of the time, it never gets taped.

in the end, your core of people will carry you pretty far.


after that its all potential. but these 4 will get you solid production.


Upon looking at this team a little bit more, I feel like if you can get past the first 4 games of the season 2-2 or 3-1, this team will pick up more and more steam the further into the season.

By the second half of the season, I expect a few things:

  1. AJ and Jordy are both WR1s
  2. Rodgers will be a QB1
  3. Reed will be TE1
  4. Martin will be back and will be an RB1
  5. Mixon will either be a middle RB2 or a low RB1 depending on usage
  6. One of your lottery pick guys will hit (Maclin, Diggs, Woodhead, or Blount)
  7. I am one of the few that has 0 faith in Gillibear, so wasted pick for me (actually have a bet with @BusterD on that)

This team will either fail as gloriously as one can fail or you have a championship team here.