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Grade my draft


12 team, ESPN, .5 ppr, snake keeper draft 2rb 3wr

QB- Ben roethlisberger, tyrod Taylor

RB- Jay ajayi (kpr), Isaiah crowell (kpr), Paul Perkins, ameer Abdullah, Darren McFadden

WR- Alshon jeffery, devonte adams, Willie Snead, Eric decker, sterling Shepard, Tyler lockett

TE- Gronk

DST- Panthers


Great Draft. I am not a fan of Big Ben this year but you never know. Awesome job. I would try to package away McFadden and a lower wr for a 3rd WR upgrade for a guy you will have around for playoffs.


Sorry man, but I do not like this lineup at all. I recommend you trade McFadden and Jeffery for a tier 1 WR. I would also package Ajayi and Perkins to see if you can grab Freeman or Howard.


I was also thinking I could always use gronk as trade bait and just pick up a TE like asj on the waivers. I know my wrs aren’t the best but I thought my rbs are pretty good. Am I wrong?


I like your RBs the weak spot is the WR. Jeffery could do really well but who knows if it will happen. You need 1 more WR1 for sure


Thanks for the advice guys. I’ll try to package gronk and an rb for a #1 wr


It may just be me, but I don’t believe in Ajayi as an RB1. I think Ajayi will lose you weeks. Crowell has never had over 200 carries. In addition, with Brock as the QB combined with a weak WR core leads me to believe the box will be stacked against Crowbar all season long. Perkins is competing with better pass catchers and better goal line backs. I think he only gets 150 carries. Abdullah can be good, but with injury and on a passing offense I don’t know that the usage will be there. McFadden isn’t the backup yet. That job is still being competed for.


I guess we’ll see in due time


only thing mising is that WR1. so i like the idea of packaging gronk for one. i love the depth you have for sure. and getting mcfadden was smart, because now you can package him and gronk pretty easy for who ever has zekes top WR. for me, im with guiness on not liking ajayi. but if he gets the volume, he will get you the consistant points you need. guinesses crowell hate i can see too, i just dont agree. they have an amazing o line, and a fantastic rookie QB who will be the starter. i mean i see no other choice. unless you want to start the lobster all year, and no one wants that. crowell will get over 200 carries for sure this year, and more catches. i think he is a high end RB2, with potential for RB1 if everything goes right for him. after that your RBs do get a little dicey, but who really has good backup RBs anymore? the potential is there and thats about all you can ask for when it comes to backup RBs.

all in all, i would give you a solid B. nothing to write home about, but you best not rub your nose at it either.