Grade my dynasty team

Feeling pretty good about my team this year, wanna know if you guys agree or where you think I could use some help.

QB: Rivers
RB: D. Cook
RB: S. Michel
WR: T. Hilton
TE: H. Henry
FLEX: C. Kupp
FLEX: A. Cooper

BNCH: Mike Willliams
BNCH: Royce Freeman
BNCH: Vance McDonald
BNCH: Latavius Murray
BNCH: Duke Johnson
BNCH: Mike Davis
BNCH: Josh Adams

Feel like I could use some depth/ maybe another running back that is start-able…Full PPR 12 team. Have not had the rookie draft (I dont have a 1st rounder, but I have the 2.01)

You’re deep at WR and thin at RB. Think you could do better than Rivers, plus he’s towards the end of his career. Cook/Michel makes me nervous. They both have injury history and could easily lose their starting jobs (Both NE & MIN spend high draft picks on rookie RBs). I do like Latavius Murray addition and Royce Freeman should get some more work as his career goes on. Duke Johnson and Josh Adams I wouldn’t even keep on my roster. TEs are meh…decent upside but not much longevity.

I’d try to add a young TE that hasn’t broke out yet like a Gisicki, Andrews or Fant if possible. Also a QB who is young, hopefully on a decent contract with no pressure behind to lose the starting job. Jackson, Prescott, Darnold, Trubisky or Allen. Then find a way to upgrade at RB to someone like Joe Mixon comes to mind. Not elite yet, upside, young, not much competition etc. You may be able to get him for a Kupp/Michel combo for example.

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Thanks, great advice! lets hope I can make a few of those moves!

If someone was offering Le’veon… would you try and get em? Not sure how confident I am in him

He also had Brees, Watson, and Baker… so maybe a 2-for trade.

Like Baker/Watson and Bell for Amari Cooper and Sony… something like that.

I would try to keep Cooper. Try to make it Kupp if possible. I’m not huge on Bell, but mainly because of Adam Gase. He will get the workload though.

my first instinct lines up with above. cook and michel make me nervous as a starting duo. injury history, and a team that rarely gives you top end production from just one guy (plus the lack of targets and drafting of other RBs), if it was me i would just feel like my team was about to fall apart at any second. but, the great news is your WRs can hard carry you. when your second flex option is cooper, thats pretty damn good. and its not like cook and michel wont give you anything if you play them, in fact i expect the first 4 games of the season you will be a monster. i just worry about late in the year, and beyond. so i would say right now, you are looking great. i would just work on some other options at RB.

also, side note. i would talk to your league about expanding rosters. a 15 man dynasty team is pretty thin (even if it is pre rookie draft) im in a 3 man keepers and we have 17 roster spots plus an IR.

Sony Michel, and any Pats Running back scares me. I wouldn’t want to rely on that especially with how Belichick hates fantasy owners. I think you should try to get some more depth at RB for sure and speaking as a Vikings fan in Minnesota, Cook is awesome when healthy but he gets hurt tying his shoes. Too much risk in that starting backfield. Go younger with QB, can use Rivers this year but if you have a spot stash a young QB if not then get one next year