Grade my (First) Dynasty Start Up Team

I just recently did my first dynasty start up draft. It’s a 10 team half ppr. Starters include 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 flex, defense, and a kicker. What are areas I need to improve in? (FYI I made a few pre draft trades)

Qb’s: Stafford, Winston, Manning

RB’s: Bell, Cook, Mckinnen, Foreman, Burkhead, Ballage, Wilkens, D. Murray

WR’s: OBJ, Hilton, Baldwin, Robby Anderson, Doctson, Lockett, Anthony Miller, John Ross

TE’s: Rudolph, Reed, Hunter Henry

Defense: Steelers

Kicker: Zuerlein

um, you did damn good lol. i mean you have everything. QBs for now and later, high profile RBs with potential behind them (you could use some more startable now RBs but im not going to complain when you have bell, cook, and mckinnon) you have a great cast of WRs and TEs. really its just a bit of startable depth you are missing. for both RB and WRs. and that just me being picky. especially on the WR side because those guys are all startable for the most part.

so what voodoo did you pull pre draft to get bell and OBJ? im assuming you are a bit ligher on picks so you should still have some open spots to pick some more guys up too right?

BTW i dont usually compliment people on their TEs, but thats pretty damn good. rudolph will be great year in year out, reed has smith throwing to him who loves his TEs, so when he is healthy… great pick. and henry is a wait for it pick but you probably got him at a great value. now, so long as rudolph stays healthy, you are really good there!

Thanks for responding! Surprisingly I still have all my future picks, plus an extra 2020 first rounder. I started at the 1:01 and I knew that my brother in law wanted Zeke, so I made a trade back to the 1:04 (Bell) and accumulated a fourth and some future picks. I traded my third and fourth for the 2:02 (Beckham). And finally I used a couple future picks to snag Baldwin. I got lucky that OBJ and Cook fell to me at the 2:02 and 2:10.

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holy shit yeah you did. OBJ should never make it to 2.02. well hell, well fucking done. its a solid team with very little to be upset about.


Very nice. It’s baffling that OBJ made it to 2.02. He should gave been taken WAY before that.

Yeah, hate to say it but I have to agree. I guess the best compliment I can give is that if i had been in that draft and you walked away with that team, i’d be PISSED.

I did my first dynasty draft a few weeks ago and unfortunately through sheer luck of the draw ended up with the 12th pick in a snake draft. Tried to convince the league of the importance of a 3rd Round Reversal to no avail. Fortunately through some sheer trades and luck I ended up with Jones and Allen at 1.10 and 2.03, then got JuJu and Gronk at 3.10 and 4.03. It’s full PPR and 3 WR, 2 RB, 2 Flex so went heavy on the WRs.

Good luck this season - let us know how much you dominate. i’m thinking you do 10-3 at worse for the regular season.

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Yeah, I made that pre draft trade for that microscopic chance OBJ fell. When he did fall I threw my arms up in celebration. That’s a great first four rounds! Thanks for the response. Good luck to you as well!

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crushed it. completely. so very well done with (some) luck and smart picks!