Grade my Full PPR team

WR2-M Thomas
RB1-K Hunt
RB2-D Woodhead
TE-T Eifert
FLEX-D Thomas
BN-J Mathews
BN-E Lacy
BN-J Doyle
BN-F Gore

Thinking I could probably drop Doyle/Rams, just wanted Doyle for when Luck is back/Eifert is hurt.

That’s a really rough bench. I also don’t love Woody as an RB2 (love him as a player, just dont trust his health/age), and you don’t have much behind him. I’d drop the rams for a RB immediately. I’d also look to trade one of the TEs and one of the QBs. You don’t need back up QBs/TEs when you don’t have WR/RB depth.

Edit: I do love Hunt, the top 3 WRs, and Dalton (I’d prefer him to Cousins, honestly).

yeah the RBs got eaten up pretty quick in my draft. Thanks