Grade my ppr 2flex Dynasty roster?

Qb: goff, rivers, trubisky, mayfield, etling

Rb: Barkley, mckinnon, michel, henry, montgomery, burkhead, Dixon

Wr: Michael Thomas, Allen, Sanders, Mike Williams, Goodwin, Kupp, Beasly, Allison.

TE: Olsen, Kittle, Clay, Henry

That’s a lot of QBs… I’d have probably taken another RB and WR instead of two of those guys.

Otherwise I like it. The RB and WR depth is the biggest concern.

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Is there a rb I should target. That I could exchange for fairly without hurting the quality of my team?

Id target a top tier RB. You have talent there but you don’t have a clear set double threat. Lots of new rolls with some rookies

Id trade away 2 Qb’s and someone like dixon and monty to try to secure a beefier guy

good luck

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The question is. Does jay ajayi count as a rb to target?

For a bag of Doritos? Sure.

no…not really IMO

He would be another one that would fall in the same boat as the others. “could” do good this year but not for sure. you want a sure thing

okay, I get it. I’m looking for more security. I’ve got breakout guys. Needing a freeman or a howard?

Does McCaffrey count?

See if you can get rid of at least 1 QB and 1 TE. 5QBs and 4TEs is a lot, even in dynasty, and one of those QBs was drafted in the 7th round, there is a chance he never even sees the field. Try to get more depth at RB and WR, especially since there are 2 flex spots. See if you can trade Etling to the Brady owner or something.

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Yeah agree with what the guys say. I’d dump Etling as you have enough youth and starting QBs. I’d try and package say Tubisky and McKinnon on the hype and maybe a TE + a pick and try and get hold of a upgrade at RB, i’d work my way down the list of RBs aside from Bell, Zeke and Gurley who will cost too much but you don’t ask you don’t get in my view.

The Fournette, Gordon, CMC, Hunt maybe even Dj owner might be willing to talk. The hype on McKinnon is pretty real and someone may bite on him and some depth for a mid level RB1. You have Barkley and Henry plus the potential of Michel and Dixon to take on large roles, just need a top guy to carry the load with Barkley and Henry for a decent 3 headed set, but as you have Henry try for a guy who will catch at least some balls so you get the double threat from two of the RBs, with Allen and MT you’ll be cooking in PPR if you can pull that off

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I was offered zeke and d.j moore for Dhenry, Montgomery, kupp, a first and second rookie pick next year. Thoughts?

Do that right now

It’s been done. I got zeke and barkley. Allen and thomas. Moore as a bench piece and mckinnon for depth. Thanks for the help footclan


Unreal trade there nice job, that’s an Incredible quartet and a young one too! You should be a championship threat for quite a few seasons now with those four as your team backbone


Jesus christ, this trade is criminal. League breaking trade. You’re other members in the league must be pulling their hair out in frustration. Congrats on the steal man.

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Thanks for the advice guys! to be honest the guy I traded didn’t really get screwed too much here. sure on paper, the trade looks one sided but he adopted an abandoned team drafted by a die hard cowboys fan. He needed depth and versatility. I expect him to turn the draft picks and another player into more value. But yeah. My team is set for years to come. SO HAPPY. league mates are now trying to makes moves. sometimes this is a good thing. stimulates activity.

The guy you traded definitely got screwed. Not sure how D Henry who’s in a committee and Ty Mont who can barely stay on the field provides more depth than Zeke. DJ Moore is the best receiver in the class and at minimum a mid 1st rounder. So he offsets the 1st round pick. He basically gave up Zeke for Henry, Ty Mont and a 2nd round pick.

Not saying trading Zeke away is the wrong move, but he definitely should’ve gotten way more than what he did. He should’ve probably been able to get Michel, Henry, next year 1st and 2nd for Zeke alone without even having to give up Moore to be honest.

In his wildest dreams, he would be lucky to turn the draft picks into a player with even equivalent value to Zeke. It’s very hard to hit in a rookie draft. Over half the players in any rookie draft for the year bust.

You definitely got the full benefit from this deal. You’re team is just total stud muffins and set up to dominate the league for years to come. Others in your league must be fearful, vying for 2nd place.


I was offered. Trey burton, julian edelman, mark ingram, the saints rookie receiver, and a future first draft pick. For MICHAEL THOMAS.

My teams perfect right? Not worth it?