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Grade my robbery


Traded Emmanuel and Hurns for Dez and D Henry, feeling I walked away with the better players from here out judging by schedule I also have Julio, AB, Evans and RB’s are Zeke Gordon McCaffrey and Bell lineups are 3 WR’s 2 RB’s with 1 flex


2 man league?


10 person league


You have Julio, AB, Evans, Zeke, Bell, and Gordon in a 10 man league?


Yeah my thoughts as well Romark87. How in the world does 1 team out of 10 come up with that kind of line-up??? All I can say Vladdy88…is whatever kind of spell you got on this league, I DESPERATELY want to buy some of it off ya. LOL…0-3 here!!! Could REALLY REALLY use something magical right now!!!


Yup yup sold high on cooks AJ hunt and Gurley and bought low on Bell AB and Julio


This league is mainly of my in-laws and family friends of them and over the past couple of season I’ve noticed they panic



No wonder your in laws hate you lol.