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Grade My Team and Possible Trade offer


Qb: Stafford, Palmer
RB: Freeman, Montgomery, Gillislee, Abdullah, Jamaal WIlliams
WR: Green, Cooks, Hopkins, Parker, C. Davis
TE: Ertz

Considering Trading Either QB and Hopkins for Mariota and Tevin Coleman… Thoughts


Like your team! Montgomery :muscle:. I wouldn’t let go of Hopkins, you’ve got some nice depth at WR when you have him and to me Hopkins will score more than Coleman but it’s tough sense you have Freemen Handcuff emoji insert here


Think a qb upgrade is necessary? That was the major motivation for seeking a trade. Coleman as a handcuff is a bonus


Also I appreciate the input!


I don’t think so not with the highest paid QB in da game… lol. But seriously I Stafford I don’t think you need to jump 4 spots at QB something like that


Very nice. An upgrade would always be nice, but it’s not necessary and I wouldn’t give up much to do it. Imo, that trade would be giving up too much.