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Grade my team


In a 12 team full ppr league. I would love opinions on what to do with this team. Trade? Stay put?

P. Rivers
T. Gurley
T. Montgomery
D. Bryant
S. Watkins
M. Bryant
K. Allen
M. Prater

C. Meredith
R. Woods
P. Perkins
W. Galman
Jonathan Williams
Jamaal Williams
Tyler Boyd
Chris Conley

Please be brutally honest I have never even come close to winning this league but I have some confidence in this squad.


I think you dug yourself into a bit of a hole with your first couple of picks. I’m assuming Dez was your 1st round pick which is a bit of a reach. I do love your WRs, they’ll need to carry your team. Rivers was a great qb to wait on. I’d wait on one of your top 4 wr to break out in the 1st couple of weeks and try to flip them for a rb like a Freeman type.