Grade my trade? Diggs for Chark and Johnson

So I just inked a trade deal.

I gave up David Johnson and DJ Chark for Stefon Diggs.

My RBs are now McCaffrey, Sanders. Montgomery and Fournette.

My WRs are now DHop, Diggs, Boyd, Jeffrey,Gallup and Claypool

i feel like you gave up too much, tbh. If you could have made it Fournette, I’d like it a lot more or if you went straight up Johnson for Diggs, but even then with the injuries to CMC and Montgomery, i feel like you’re really thin at RB now

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Yeah, I really just wanted another reliable WR. I have a trade being offered to me right now. Mckinnon for Claypool.

I actually completely disagree with @xone01, i think it was a solid trade. Mcaffrey is coming back soon and you can play matchups with Monty and Sanders for RB2, Idk what he’s talking about because Fournette holds almost no value at this point. 1 good game and been completely irrelivant, he was even active last week against Chicago and played 1 snap. Rojo is the lead back there.

Diggs has been stellar this year on a very strong Bills offense, you can unquestionable roll out both Dhop and Diggs and feel confident every week, with plenty of flex/bye-week fillers between Jeffrey, Gallup, and Claypool (less excited about Boyd).

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I think this trade was a great deal for you

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Don’t do that deal

Haha I thought you said it was a great deal?

Sorry was referring to the McKinnon deal, don’t do that deal lol other Deal was a great deal

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that’s why i said fournette would have been better to send in the trade because he’s not worth keeping. CMC isn’t back yet, and still won’t be playing this week, as opposed to DJ, who isn’t exciting but is a consistent RB2-3 every week.

The result of this trade is weakening where the team is already needing help and depth, that’s why i don’t like it. Is Diggs great, yeah, obviously, but all trades are contextual and I think this one is a mistake