Grade my trade please

Rate this trade. I gave up Schuster, D.Martin and D. Lewis for Juilo Jones? I already have Brown, Crabtree as main WR. Only start two WR with 2 Flex. RB i have stilll are Ingram, Coleman, Kamara and Murray. Added note my TE is Ertz with Wentz throwing to him. Currently in 6th place and hold the last playoff spot. What you guys think smart move?

Feel like you gave up alot for him, but he has a great playoff schedule, so I think you did improve your lineup!

I like it.

Also depends what you get from Waivers to fill those other 2 spots. Who else is the other team dropping to even out the roster? Might be worth throwing them into the trade as well if they are better than the options on Waivers since they have to be dropped anyway.