Grade My Trade?

12 Team Half Point PPR

On my team already:
RB= Gurley, Montgomery, Cohen, Gordon
WR= Evans, Diggs, Garcon, Pryor

I just traded away Doug Martin + Jordy Nelson… I got Antonio Brown straight up

How did I do?.. I feel like It was worth it, my starting WR duo is unbelievable now in my opinion…

I don’t really like this for you at all to be honest.

Not the best trade, dont let minor injuries scare you completely away, as both jordy and gordon should be good but you are getting AB but too much value given up, why give up two great players for 1 great players ya dingus lol

EDIT sorry It was Martin + Nelson for Brown… I did not trade Gordon … sorry about that

good job. :ok_hand:

Knowing it’s dougie fresh and not Gordon makes this trade worth it. You are stacked at rb, so you can give that value up to upgrade at wr. Only problem, it’s not a huge upgrade for you. Jordy is still a wr1, and so is brown. But, an upgrade is an upgrade. And to give a guy up who we don’t even know which version he will be, (top 5 guy or top 40 guy) I’m ok with it. Because honestly, if you were offered jordy for brown straight up, you just say yes. That’s basically what this comes down to.

I just can’t believe in a 12 team league you got both Nelson and Evans in the first place :flushed: Not to mention gurley and Gordon. That’s an awesome team

I had last pick in the draft… I traded Mariota to get Nelson and then flipped him right away for Brown… He was only on my team for 2 mins lol

looking back at this, FANTASTIC trade. we got the martin we all were afraid of, and you gave up jordy the YEAR everything goes wrong for him. you took garbage and made AB out of it. hats off to you.

so knowing now that you had gordon, gurley, brown, and evans… but you had some suspect other players, i gotta know… did you win this league? gurley, brown, and gordon alone probably kept you in it. with evans every now and then having a pulse. well, honestly evans was alright. he wasnt what anyone expected him to be which makes him feel like a huge let down.