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Grade my trade


Dynasty ppr league.

Tyreek Hill
Corey Coleman
Marshawn lynch
Dez Bryant
Brandon Marshall
Paul Perkins


While I think it’s close I think the Dez side of this trade is the winner. He is the best player in the deal and probably has 3 more very good seasons in him. The Hill side has a lot of unknowns attached to it but could be the better side if all of the upside is realized.


I would much rather have the Hill, Coleman and Lynch side…Lynch holds more value than Marshall IMO and both only have 2 years max left…beyond that I think Perkins is garbage, and Hill/Coleman>Dez IMO. If Coleman can stay on the dang field he’s going to be special.


I lean more toward the Dez side. We’ve no idea what Lynch will be like when he comes back. Could be great but don’t forget it’s been a good 2.5 years since he was last “great”