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12 Team, 1/2 PPR, 4pt QB TD

So from the looks of this team it seems you went 1. OBJ 2. CMC 3. T.Y. and 4. Miller?

I’m guessing you picked at number 7 or 8 probably. I think you did a decent job. My biggest critique would be that you probably could have had better value going RB in the 3rd and WR in 4th. If Penny or Wilkins hit though you could be well on your way.

I actually had the 12th pick (the turn), so I grabbed miller and hilton back to back.

12 Odell Beckham Jr., NYG WR
13 Christian McCaffrey, Car RB
36 Lamar Miller, Hou RB
37 T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR
60 Marshawn Lynch, Oak RB
61 Rex Burkhead, NE RB
84 Rashaad Penny, Sea RB
85 Julian Edelman, NE WR
108 Trey Burton, Chi TE
109 Matthew Stafford, Det QB
132 Tyler Lockett, Sea WR
133 Jordan Wilkins, Ind RB
156 John Brown, Bal WR
157 Mike Williams, LAC WR
180 Panthers D/ST D/ST
181 Adam Vinatieri, Ind K

Nice value on Burton and Stafford