Grade the CEH Trade

So I just made a trade in a league - was it a good? Made an offer without thinking too much about it.

I traded Gaskin, Rojo, Rodgers for CEH and Cobb. 3wr, 2flex, ppr, redraft league.

Rest of my team
QBs: Allen (Cousins - in case Allen doesn’t play this week)
RB: Mixon, Mostert, Moss, Bernard
WR: Godwin, Chark, DJ Moore, Gallup, Higgins, AJ Green, Gage
TE: Schultz

I should probably look to get deeper at RB now - but I guess I can always play 5 WR and only 2 RBs in this league.

:+1: looks good

WOW HELL YES that’s a good trade. You just gave up two bench RBs and a QB for one of the most consistent RB1’s you’re going to see all year. I have CEH and you couldn’t pry him away for anyone less than Kamara. You should be ecstatic about that trade. The guy who traded him better be ready for disappointment. Dumb move on his part.

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I am of a different take on CEH.

While CEH plays with the best QB in the league on arguably the best team, he has been a mid RB2 at best.

Since week 1, he has 46 carries for 166 yds (3.6 yds/carry) with 0 TDs. Even his passing work has been mediocre at best, 14 rec for 129 yds with 0 TDs (through all 4 weeks).

In my opinion, unless you are a dynasty league, you essentially gave up a QB1 with top 5 potential currently and 2 low RB2s for a RB2 with RB1 upside and a WR3/droppable.

@Branhammer, as I said earlier, unless you are in a dynasty league, Kamara is way more valuable than CEH is currently is redraft leagues. Cook and A. Jones, even Hunt, are more valuable than CEH as well.

In the immortal words of Jason Moore “Don’t hear what I am not saying.” I believe CEH is talented and will be a RB1 one day, just at this current time, he is not.

Overall @jheyerly, IMHO, I believe to paid a little too much for CEH, at least if you are a redraft league.

Honestly, I think its because CEH went up against good run defenses in the Chargers, Raven and Patriots. He has 3 more games against good run d’s(Buffalo and Denver 2x) but everything else is a much better matchup. Plus, he gets ATL in week 16…

I agree.

However, CEH was taken in the 1st round of majority of drafts, in some cases above Kamara/Cook/A. Jones/Henry/Chubb (before injury obviously)/Hunt all of whom are perfoming better than CEH currently.

I am not saying he isn’t talented, I am saying he is not the automatic RB1 as everyone hyped him up to be at this point through the season.

As of right now, I would take those I named over CEH right now as my RB1.

@recespieces31 I agree that CEH has not put up RB1 numbers YET. But the opportunity has been there every week so far. The only thing missing so far is the TDs, and I believe they are coming. The reason I’m so high on CEH is because I think we have seen the worst of him that we are going to see. His absolute floor. And consistent RB2 numbers make for a pretty nice floor.

Also, he passes the eye test, which, not everyone watches games. If you only look at his stats…sure. RB2. But if you watch him play, he looks GOOD. The only time he doesn’t look good is when the O-line completely disintegrates, which has happened more often than it should be happening, and even then, he’s had a few plays where he’s vanished in the mass of bodies and somehow emerges from the other side for an addition 10 yards.

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Oh and I’ll add that if the Chiefs defense would learn how to run block on the goal line…even 25% of the time, CEH would probably have at least 2 more TDs on the season. He’s had…I want to say 6 goal line carries so far (I’ve watched all his games so far) and his line has just been dominated every single time they try to run on the goal line. If they can just become AVERAGE on the goal line, CEH’s TDs will double.

Again, I am not doubting his talent and what he can be.

I am saying as it is currently, he is performing as an RB2 with RB1 upside and not as the RB1 with top 5 potential that everyone, even the experts, said he was going to be. There are 5 RBs I would take over CEH as my RB1.

If CEH is your RB1 as of now you are not seeing the value where you motly likely drafted in the 1st round. If you have one of the other RBs I named and CEH as your RB2, I believe you are seeing good value with CEH having the potential to be an RB1 as well.

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I think you both bring up a number of good points - which probably why this trade was accepted and why I’m not sure if I got a good deal or not. Ultimately for me, with Josh Allen I have not played Rodgers once this season. So while he is a good QB1, my team needed help elsewhere. Giving up two solid RBs/Flex players is tough, but I too am counting on CEH to get some TDs and have a couple of huge games. That has not happened so far - but he has looked very good when watching the games. If CEH stays at around RB12, then this will probably not be a good deal, but if creeps into the top 5, then I’m probably in great shape. Normally I’d say dealing two/three pieces for one star is good…but with COVID disrupting things, that might not be the case this year. Thanks for all of your thoughts on the deal.

I would say that even if CEH stays anywhere inside the top 15 and stays healthy, you win this trade. The only way that would change is an injury to Josh Allen. No one needs multiple top QBs. You can only start one (in most leagues). So again, you grabbed a guy you will start every week and you gave up three guys you’ll never start unless you’re desperate. Rojo is garbage, has always been garbage, and will always be garbage until I see him do what he did last week at least 3 more times in a row. He is the epitome of “WTF is this guy?” Gaskin is a guy that gets a lot of volume and does very little with it. He just gets so many touches that’s it’s nearly impossible to ever score less than 10 points. He could get more touches than anyone else in the NFL and still only score 12 fantasy points.

You won this trade. Not a doubt in my mind.