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Grade the Draft


.5 ppr
10 team league from the 7 slot

QB- Russell Wilson
RB-Demarco Murray
RB- Isaiah Crowell
WR-Odell Beckham Jr
WR- Sammy Watkins
TE- Hunter Henry
Flex- Dalvin Cook
K- Matt Bryant
Def- Texans

Bench- Eddie Lacy
Bench- Doug Martin
Bench- Jamaal Williams
Bench- Martavis Bryant
Bench- Jamison Crowder
Bench- Robert Woods


you got obj at 7, wow lol. Pretty good draft, need to find more depth at WR but i like your team, probably wouldve taken a receiver instead of jamal williams. WRs in the flex on average score more points than RBs


solid B+ if you want a grade haha


Wow, obj in the 7 spot, murray in the 13 spot. Thars pretty damn stellar. All around good depth, just not great. I’m sammy biscuits stays healthy you will be set.


Agree with everything said. I think if Martin and Bryant hit, I win this league easily.