Grade the Dynasty Draft

Dynasty Draft (10 team, .5 per, 25 rounds)

QB- Andrew Luck, Mitch Trubisky, Jimmy Garoppolo
RB- Todd Gurley, Carlos Hyde, Mike Gillislee, Doug Martin, Bilal Powell, Jonathan Williams, Kenneth Dixon, Jalen Richard, Kenyan Drake
WR-Mike Evans, Corey Davis, Cameron Meredith, Willie Snead, DeVante Parker, Nelson Agholor, Jordan Matthews, Chad Williams
TE- Hunter Henry, Kyle Rudolph, Benjamin Watson
DST- Texans, Jaguars

I would say D.

Your RBs are really solid.

I think you are very weak at WR which should be your focus in a Dynasty. WRs stick around way longer than RBs and being it is a .5 ppr you probably should have a better number 2 WR. Being that it was a 10 team I assume you went Evans first, then Gurley. I would have picked up another WR in the 3rd round. Someone like Hopkins, Crabtree, A-Rob would have done you some good here.

Your RBs are really solid. But you could have done without Doug Martin or Powell I believe and use that pick elsewhere.

You don’t have a second QB that is a starter! If Luck is out the first couple of weeks who would you play? Even on his buy you will more that likely have to pick up someone unless Trubisky takes over of Brady gets hurt.

I agree I needed a better wr2 but I didn’t want to pass up Corey Davis value. Also I think Snead, parker or Meredith can step up for me and are better long term. Also I am either going to pick up cutler, manning, or Alex smith in case I don’t have luck. I understand where you are coming from but D seems harsh. @mchild89

D was probably too harsh lol. Looking at if now and really focusing on the dynasty aspect it is not as bad as I would have thought. Luck is probably the top dynasty QB. Evans easily top 5 WR and Gurley is around a top 5 RB.

If Hyde comes through and one or two of those receivers step up you should be alright.

Lol. I agree at first sight it appears sketchy. Which of these receivers would you pick up and which QB:

QB- Cutler, Manning, Alex Smith, Bortles, Bradford

WR- Dede Westbrook, Marqise Lee, Eli Rogers, Brandon Coleman, Torrey Smith

I think second QB you might just be streaming when Luck is out. I think I like Cutler, Manning, Bortles in that order.

WR I like Lee. He has an ankle sprain but still would stash him maybe over Agholor. Next I would like Rogers then Dede.

B. I think D is way to harsh.