Grade the Dynasty Roster

So it’s a 10 team PPR - WR/RB and 1.5 PPR TE, 2 QB and IDP league. We just completed our 40 round start-up draft. We start 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB/TE, 2 DL, 2 LB, 2 DB. I picked 7th… (TS = 5 Taxi Squad spots) (IR = 5 Injured Reserve spots)

QB - Dak, Stafford, Trubisky, Rosen, Foles
RB - DJ, Cook, Dev Freeman, Drake, Jones II, Penny, Foreman, Ito (TS), Adams (TS), Chase Edmonds (TS)
WR - M. Thomas, Arob, Marv Jones, M Lee, Meredith, Garcon, Enunwa, Kirk, James Washington, Tre’Quan Smith (TS)
TE - Burton, Clay, Vannett, Akins (TS)
DL - Cam Heyward, Cam Jordan, Buckner, Flowers
LB - Deion Jones, Ogletree, Burfict, Trevathan, Shazier (IR)
DB - Addae, Burnett

Just looking for feedback on what I might need to target in trades/FA. I plan on picking up at least 1 more DB to cover byes in FA since i have 6 open slots

Overall, pretty solid! Plenty of options at QB, Stafford is as safe at it gets and you’ve got some good upside with Dak and Trubisky.
RB is certainly your strongest position. The fact that Freeman is your RB3 is awesome. Great landing spots for both Jones and Penny - good chance one, if not both, can hit. And if Foreman is healthy and overtakes Miller?! Oh man.
WR is depth is pretty decent. Love Thomas and a bounce back for Arob. Curious to see if Marvin Jones can have similar numbers to last season. Not sure if you heard the most recent footballers episode but they did some talking about Lee’s Reception Perception and how it’s the worst they’ve seen in all categories, has me a little wary on him, but he should still be their WR1.
TE - I’m a huge Burton fan, but if anything were to happen to him you might be in a tough spot. Any left on the waiver wire?
Don’t play IDP so not going to comment on that. Overall, really solid man.


yeah that was the area i waited on the longest… Mostly because even with the premium I still don’t value it that high. But the WW is pretty bare… the top ADPs are Anderson, Dickson, Davis, Jonnu, Kroft, Everett… I was thinking about targeting Jonnu, Everett or maybe grabbing whoever the Chargers bring in (Green/Gates/Fleener) since HH went down… I’m hoping Mr. Necessary (Clay) can make a nice comeback and do well for me since there isn’t much in BUF right now for pass catchers.

Agree with the above pretty solid overall and stacked at RB. If all of those guys hit, mainly speaking of Drake, Penny and Jones II i’d potentially look to cash in on one of your at this point 6 potential starting RBs for an upgraded WR if you can find someone in need of an RB - based on your market share i suspect there will be a few.

Or as mentioned before maybe try a package trade for a TE with upside potential and another high end WR for maybe Garcon and one of the RBs?

Failing that i would be tempted to hold fast for know unless someone is willing to give you an above market price for DJ, Cook or Freeman but at the moment and fresh from the draft owners will be fairly high on their roster so it’s tough to trade right away. As you own so much RB talent i’m sure someone will come to you sooner rather than later looking to poach one away. But I draft in a similar way but in 12 team leagues and tend to corner the RB market and cash in on peoples need later.


I’d grab Jonnu as Walker will most likely be gone next year and if Burton performs it will give you a nice 1-2 punch for a few years at least going forward, and better depth for now anyway

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Thanks… he is the one i’m hoping to get