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Grade the dynasty trade


Needed a WR2 in my dynasty league and had fairly good RB depth. Traded Kenyan Drake and received Juju and Chris Thompson. Thoughts?


Don’t think I’d call JuJu a WR2 as of right now but regardless, I think you’ve won the trade.


No? I mean statistically he ended 2017 as a WR2 with 917 and 7 - finished around where Alshon and Diggs did. I see that only going up now that he’s secured his place in that offense over Bryant.


as of right now, thats a solid B+ to A-. juju and chris thompson are both better than drake at this moment. thompson though, has the injury bug so he is kind of a half a player. so wither way you are winning there. because i do see juju as a true WR2, fringe WR1 guy. now, here is where i think this trade will end up being an A+.

CJ anderson is a potential cut guy. there is a lot, a LOT of speculation that miami is looking hard at him if he is cut, or maybe even a trade is in the works. that will damage drakes value significantly. so, if that goes down and that was part of your thoughts with trading drake, well fuckin done. because you will have just traded a backup RB for a WR2, and an RB2-ish-if-he-stays-healthy guy.


Those were exactly my thoughts. I actually hadn’t heard the C.J. Anderson talks, so thank you for that, but I had heard of a potential trade that fell through where they were trying to get Jordan Howard for Landry and some reports that Miami are big fans of Derrius Guice. Just felt with the flashes he had last season, this was a great sell high point for Drake.


oh wow i did not know they were looking at guice. man… wouldnt that be nuts? him going at 11. either way with this information you can rest easy with this. miami is looking to add something better than drake. if its howard, or anderson, or a rookie, they are looking. so without a doubt you sold high and got a ton back for it.


He’s secured that spot but his big games when he exploded were with brown out or playing hurt. He’s a high end WR3 but Big Ben has never supported two top 20 receivers mainly because of Lev Bell. Last year was a weird year. Don’t necessarily expect JuJu to put up those numbers again. Even though as a Steelers fan, I hope he does


I love your trade, especially for dynasty. JuJu is hella young and Thompson is a spark that can win you weeks. Not sold on Drake at all. Well done!


He had 4 really good weeks. Week 8 and then 15-17. Week 8, Brown was coming off injury and covered by Slay, week 15 he gets hurt vs Pats and then sits both 16 and 17. In those games, JuJu is essentially the Steelers number 1 option. In every game where Brown was fully healthy, JuJu only had 5 receptions once.


as a rookie. that shows faith from ben for him to be a reilable option. i have seen plenty of rookies have years just like that and then go on to put up solid years after. will he be a monster every single week like brown, no. but you can expect consistant performances and then the big games every now and then. in a standard PPR, if he gets 4 receptions a game for 60 yards (which was about his average throught the season) thats 10 points. for a WR2 thats a good average to be on. yes he performed more with brown out so those numbers are a bit scewed but his progression as a young WR should inflate those numbers even with brown in. so i agree, but also disagree.


^^^ this guy


I still disagree. I’m a diehard Steelers fan and have watched every single game. His average w/ healthy Brown is 3 for 39 yards. That’s not good. As much as i love JuJu as a guy and player, the offense just doesn’t support two top level receivers. It never has and history supports that it never will as long as Ben is there. He locks in on Brown and if not, he checks down to Bell. With that said, JuJu is a top 25 guy dynasty wise but there will be some time until he can actually be a consistent option.


this is one we will have to agree to disagree on then. cause you see 3 for 39, i see a 3rd round pick who is getting worked into the offense. i see a lot of TDs for a rookie with AB as his counterpart. and i see when AB wasnt there, that juju was a damn monster. i think ben sees that too. and i think 4 for 60 is a fair number since his rookie numbers with AB are 3 for 40. im not even predicting him like a stud at that number either. 64 for 960, and i would be willing to bet 6-8 TD range. thats about 200 points in PPR. how about a water bet? :smiley:


What would be the bet? That he ends as a WR2?


no just the stat line. that he will match, or do better than 64 for 960 and 6 TDs.


I’d rather have Juju than Drake straight up, but saying that Thompson is better than Drake right now is crazy.

Either way, I think you win the trade.


You got a good deal love the trade would do that 10/10 times


is it crazy to say thompson at this moment is better than drake? when thompson was playing he was a game changer. where as drake had 3 good games last year. and thats it. he has had 3 good games in his career. and with all the rumors of him getting supplanted as the starter? i would much rather have the checkdown king throwing to thompson. unless your assessment is all about the injuries. because that i get. he is very much risk reward.


Yes, I think it is crazy. If my math is correct, Thomson had 103 total touches and scored 151 points in full PPR in 10 games. That efficiency is absurd, and I don’t think even close to replicable. 36 of those points were from 6 TDs, a number I’d be genuinely shocked if he repeated in a single season for the rest of his career, much less 10 games. He also had a ton of long plays. Take a look at his YPC and YPR for this season and compare them to his career. This year is an outlier.

Even the number of touches he had per game this season was artificially inflated by the injuries/lack of talent around him. He had 64 rushes and 54 targets his year in 10 games and 68 rushes and 62 targets in 16 last season. He was used a lot more this season, out of necessity, and he broke down.

Edit: his YPC was actually down this year. I was looking at the wrong number. His YPR was waaaaay up.


sure ill give you unsustainable, but ill take that over having no production at all. in the 32 games drake has been able to make plays, he has produced on 3 of those games. and is looking at being replaced already. because with thompson what i see is a RB who has gotten better every single year, and now has the safest QB in the league throwing check downs to him. i mean you are faulting the guy for not having anyone around him and still producing. i dont see that as a bad thing. i see production despite being the only guy they had to stop. like i said, if you dont like him because of injury concerns, that makes sense and i can respect that. but his steady increase in production is undeniable, and the QB he just got is the perfect fit for him. where drake has 3 games under his belt, and rumor mills are all about him not holding down that spot. if he does my opinion changes dont get me wrong. because i would rather have the healthy, every down back over the unhealthy 3rd down guy. i just dont see it going down that way.