Grade the Tony Pollard Dump

Dumped Pollard while I could to the Zeke owner before he decides to come back this week. I received Jalen Richard and Emmanuel Sanders for Tony Pollard and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. I had Lamar Miller so I needed another RB for the bench. Gave up some upside with MVS but feel like I got good floor guys. PPR League 6-pt TD. Grade the trade.

Team Post Trade:

Richard (Aquired)
Sanders (Aquired)

At face value i think the trade is fine, but i don’t think you realize how valuable having pollard was. What if Zeke doesn’t come back this week, and holds out? what if he holds out half the season?
If that happens you gave up a surefire starter for flex/bench pieces. Pollard would have started for you and you could have milked the Zeke owner for more.

Again, not a terrible trade at face value but you lost so much potential


I agree with this but it’s so hard to know when to cash in your handcuff in these holdout situations.

Last year I grabbed Connor for free after the draft, and eventually got Mixon and Allison from the Bell owner (standard league at the time) I thought Bell would miss 4, maybe 6 weeks. So I gave up a high end RB1 for a meh RB1/2 and a WR2/3 who both go hurt early.

I do think you could have got more for Pollard though from the Zeke owner. I would have wait until right before week 1, if he comes back you lose that game of chicken. But if he doesn’t sign, very possible, you trade Pollard like Zeke is going to do a Bell and make the Zeke owner believe the narrative.

Not the worst trade at face value though. I really don’t see Zeke missing more than a couple of weeks

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B-. Richard isn’t going to see nearly as much work imo. Sanders has decent floor but their are so many unknowns in Denver with Flacco and Sanders coming back from the achilles, even though all signs are good. Probably could’ve dropped Richard entirely and squeezed out a better WR. But Sanders did impress last year, just hope for the same.

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Sorry, but I think you lost this one. MVS vs Sanders is a matter of preference and roster construction IMO, and Pollard is way more valuable as of now than Richard. I wouldn’t want to roster Richard unless it was an emergency. Pollard is at least an RB2 until Zeke signs.

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All decent points. I just feel confident with two years left on his contract and an offer to make him the second highest paid back in the league that this “holdout” perfectly allowed within the current CBA is NOTHING like the Bell or current Gordon situations. I think Zeke reappears this week and as soon as that rumor starts Pollard is worthless. Definitely agree with the game of chicken take but I felt the odds of this playing out anywhere close to the Bell scenario is slim because it’s no where close to the same situation contractually. The MVS vs. Sanders takes are the most interesting to me. Definitely don’t disagree with MVS’s floor but I’ve been on the Green Bay receiving carousel too many times before week In and week out and you just never know who’s turn it is for the ride. Appreciate the feedback though from all. I still have Rashaad Penny and will continue to dangle him to the Carson owner (Carson was his keeper) looking for good upgrades.

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