Grade the trade 12 team PPR

12 team PPR league

Team A (already in playoffs) gives up Derek Carr and Michael Crabtree

Team B (fighting for playoffs) gives up Devonta Freeman and Jared Goff

What do y’all think?

B wins the trade at this moment but honestly if Freeman comes back healthy for playoffs and Team B makes it to the playoffs, it likely ends up good for both sides.

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I agree. This could be a win for both teams . Ultimately it depends on the depth at each position for both teams, but generally I would lean towards the Freeman side of the trade. That being said it is probably the risker side.

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That’s kind of how I felt. It definitely hurt my RB depth (I am Team B) but I am in win now mode at 5-5 and just outside the playoffs and Freeman isn’t helping me this week for sure and possibly beyond. And I like Crabtree and Carr this week. It lets me flex Crabtree over Abdullah this week lol…I feel a little better about that…