Grade the trade .5 PPR

I wasnt feeling my WRs so I traded one of my RBs… League has 2 flex spots Half Point PPR

I just traded
Kerryon Johnson + Mike Williams
Cooper Kupp

My other WRs = J. Julio, A.Cooper, P.Garcon, C.Davis, T.Lockett
My Starting RBs = L.Fournette, J.Mixon, R.Freeman, J.Conner (For now)
Bench RBs= Ingram, Aaron Jones, S.Michel

What cha think boys and girls?

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I like Kupp, but I feel like you might have given up too much for him. Kerryon is clearly the best back in Detroit by the eye test, so it seems like it’s only a matter of time before he starts getting more work. Williams also looked really good, and seems ready to overtake Tyrell as the #2 receiver . . . .

I guess I’d give it a C-

I would have wanted a bit more than just Kupp for those 2. Kupp seems like the best player in the deal right now, but you might regret giving up Kerryon a month from now.