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Grade the Trade (Full PPR): My Adrian Peterson and Garcon for his Michael Thomas


I offered the trade this morning after looking for who was most desperate for a RB. I thought it helped us both as i have Hyde, Demarco and Doug Martin as my RB’s and Jordy is my top receiver along with D. Thomas and Landry. I’m worried about Jordy’s production with Hundley, so i wanted to be proactive at the position. Usually this guy i offered the trade to either wont decline any trade offers aand in the past has taken a day or so to accept. This time, he accepted in the matter of a few minutes which has me thinking i missed something. What do you guys think of the deal!


wont decline any trade offers as in just never declining them and letting them run out.


The only thing you missed is that this guy has bought into the name-value and hype of AP hook, line and sinker. By my estimations you just got yourself a wr1 for a wr3 and a backend rb2. While it’s possible that AP continues to ball out like he did yesterday, it seems unlikely. I would be feeling totally confident if I were you.


Oh for grade I’ll give you A-


Thank you haha. I knew when i grabbed AP that i had a chance to sell high if he had a week half as good as he actually had. I won my match up even with him on my bench which gave me a little more confidence in selling him.


UPDATE: Trade was vetoed by the league. at least 4 people had to veto in the 12 team league.


haha, don’t you hate that