Grade the trade - gurley, hunt and keenan for Kamara

In a 12 team keeper PPR league

Last year’s league winner is offering me Gurley, Hunt, and Keenan Allan for Kamara.
Too good to be true?

I was planning to have three keepers:

  1. Julio - 1st round keeper cost
  2. Evan Engram - 15th round keeper cost
  3. Kamara - 12th round keeper coust

If I do this trade then my keepers would be

  1. Gurley - 1st round keeper cost
  2. Hunt - 4th round keeper cost
  3. Keenan - 3rd round keeper cost

Do it, quick!

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If your league is allowing that trade I would definitely do it.

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Do it now!!

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Is this deal done yet? If so time to celebrate!

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i mean… i guess he gets a better value for his picks? but this isnt even close to being fair. he must have some monster depth to want this trade, and all of them for cheap. thats the only way this makes any sense. like having MT for a 14th as well, and some other player that went cheap the last few years. cant think of any now. if thats the case, who cares. you still benefit with a MUCH stronger keeper core than you had.

Why are you on this forum? Go accept the trade lol. Win today better than win X years from now.

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i would take the trade too but i dont see why its that much of a winner.

id keep kamara at 12. the value there is ridiculous. gurley above who youd take at 1 - is it that big? over julio? where would you pick if you didnt keep julio?
keenan at three is good. that gives you 1 round above replacement.

who else is on your team? that dude is gonna keep kamara at 12 and draft others at 1, 3, and 4. hes going to be solid. where would he pick in the first?

This is a no brainer… all three of those guys would be first rounders if they were thrown back in a keeper league… consider you’re getting a player that’s more of a 6th round value in the 4th round of this format and it makes it even more obvious you have to do this trade.

You’re getting 3 Horses for 1 Horse and 2 Ponies.

Do the deal.

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Trade has been made! I can kind of understand where he is coming from.
He’s got Gurley and Bell but can only keep one of them.
Now his keepers are gonna be Bell in the 1st, Kamara in the 12th, and Aaron Rodgers or Collins.

That definitely makes more sense. Both sides win.