Grade the trade: High upside RBs for Top WR

Hey footclan,
Just made a monster trade
Recieved: Antonio Brown
Traded Away: James White and Kerryon Johnson

My current RBs are: Kamara, Mixon, Ajayi, Henry
My current WRs are: AB, Agholor, Dede, Funchess

12 team, Full PPR

Did I make the right move or sacrifice too many good RBs

yes your WRs were lacking

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Complete steal imo. Nice job

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Cool, I was worried about giving up two highly promising RBs when the position is so scarce, but I needed a WR. Thanks for the feedback

you definitely got the better side of this deal. Kerryon is still sharing the backfield and may never get all the workload this season. White is a solid Rb2/flex but Antonio is a top 5 player in full PPR

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Agree with above. I think you win that trade in a vacuum. Given that you get a true WR1, you’re definitely better off

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Appreciate the feedback guys, feeling better about the trade

This is robery, why pretend it’s anything else