Grade the trade: Keenan Allen + Mark Ingram for Mike Evans

Just secured Mike Evans for Keenan Allen + Mark Ingram. My team is as follows now in a 12 team 1/2 PPR

QB: Brady
RB: Demarco Murray, Terrance West, Doug Martin, Kamara, James Connor
WR: Jordy, Evans, Fitz, Ginn, Doctson
TE: Eifert

We start two of each: RB, WR, + FLEX

I’ll need to swipe a RB with an FAAB to give me some depth, but I like this team and I’m hoping Dougy Fresh can make it happen this year.

I like it. Solid baseline for rest of season. I feel your pain being an Eifert owner.

LOL - that’s the truth. Worst part is it he was auto drafted (I wanted Ertz) but my internet cut out for the pick. shakes fist to sky

That’s the worst. I took Eifert in the 9th thinking I got value. Well, I got… something.

Love moving risk injury + depth for elite options in general. Like this trade alot, go Evans!

Yup you got 4 catches for 50 yards or something hahahhaa

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