Grade the trade, PPR

10 team PPR, 2 WR league.
Trade away: Zach Ertz, Stefon Diggs, and Latavius Murray.

Receive: Travis Kelce and Cooper Kupp

WR depth: Adams, Godwin, DJ Moore.
RB depth: Saquon, Carson, Montgomery, Sanders, Malcolm Brown, Gio.

Looks like a good trade at the moment - Kelce is an upgrade and Diggs/Kupp very well could be a wash. You didn’t need Murray at the moment so you get a solid A. Just so you know, I am a teacher so that might be your first A ever. Congrats and good luck!

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Much appreciated! I love Diggs, but at this point I think I’d rather have the safety and consistent red zone usage of Kupp.

I’m in the same boat with Diggs. He’s a crazy athlete but I’m not sure he’s gonna get used enough. Good luck!

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