Grade the trade PPR

I’m 3-0 and just lost Saquon.

Traded away: Evans, Tate, Gallman and Coleman
Received: Mack and Tyreek

Remaining depth
RB: Carson, D-Monty, Sanders and Mattison.
WR: Adams, Godwin, and Moore.

I personally feel you’re okay at RB (Carson should get right this week) But at WR losing Evans you are in the middle of injuries. I’d imagine you played Adams this week and if Godwin plays you can have him. Next week is where you’ll probably only have Godwin and Moore. You’re 3-0 so you could be okay but that could cost you a win next week if your top guys don’t play.

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two certified starters for Evans and a bunch of prayers IMO… good trade… Hill should be back soon

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I wouldn’t have done the deal if I weren’t 3-0 and if I hadn’t lost Saquon. Not to mention, I got Evans last week for Hock and Diggs, and then the other 3 guys I picked up off waivers. So I essentially got Mack and Tyreek for Diggs and Hockenson.
I just feel like Tyreek will be a league winner

I’d have done that deal at 0-3 haha