Grade the trade

Give: Evans, Howard, Riddick

Receive: Brown, Montgomery, Mixon


Other players left on my roster - Crowell, Crabtree, D. Adams, K. Benjamin, Lacy, T. Williams and Ginn Jr.


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Do it now!

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love it. brown upgrade over evans. monty CAN (but i dont think) out preform howard, and mixon MILES about riddick. steal from this man now.

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Lol its so up in the air right now. I would lean do it but there is not a clear cut winner here.

Miles above Riddick? How did you come to that conclusion? Not saying Mixon isn’t talented but Riddick can catch the rock

riddick can catch the ball, but so can mixon. and mixon has the added bonus of being a great runner too. riddick in a normal PPR has averaged 170 points a season over the last 2. i dont think he gets that many looks this year. ameer will take away looks, and take more of a role over theo. mixon has the potential to be a top 12 RB, with the floor of being a theo riddick. so yeah, i stand by my statement of miles above :smiley:

Valid points. the FFBallers have made me so scared of Mixon and the coach limiting his touches.

dont get me wrong, that is a legitimate fear i have as well. if you have seen me post on these forums about mixon before, you would see i have been preaching that for a while now. but, im not foolish enough to not see the potential. and even if he does start splitting a lot of time and its a full on RBC… so what? thats his floor of theo. only i think he still hits 200 rushes. so technically his floor is still higher than theo for me. i just dont like the price tag of mixon because you are paying for his potential, not what he will probably be. but, in this case when you are talking apples to apples compariosn to theo? oh hell yes i want mixon.

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I think I still like the certainly of Evans Howard and Theo over Brown Mixon and Ty. Lol thats what makes these pre season 3 for 3 trades near impossible to comment on.

whats funny is i dont see howard as a certainty. howard has that top 12 pedigree… but so did CJ anderson a few years ago. i kind of feel like he might pull a CJ anderson on us.

I just do not see who replaces him for the bulk of the carries. Lol i mean we all know he sucks at pass catching anyway so its not going to be a huge knock if Cohen (whatever that backups name is) comes in on clear passing downs.

I made the trade.

As I figure:

Brown > Evans

Mixon >> Riddick

Montgomery << Howard

Essentially it’s a trade based very much on potential ceilings. Then again I’ve had a few beers so who the fuck knows.

Good luck & may the fantasy gods smile on you!

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A) Not preseason - things have changed (aka Irma)
B) Not exactly your ‘run of the mill’ 3-4-3.

Make sure you turn yourself into the cops after you rob this guy :flushed:

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Fair point on Irma.

Also picked up Cohen free on waivers. The guy was so pissed after Cohen outscored Howard :grin:

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