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Grade the Trade?


I have a deal agreed to in principal (since players are locked until tomorrow) standard scoring 10 team league… I would be giving Russell Wilson, Aaron Jones, and Alfred Morris and receiving LeSean McCoy. What do you guys think of this trade? Trade partner needs a QB and the other 2 guys were waiver pick ups… rest of my roster looks like:

QB - Wentz
RB - Lev Bell, Kareem Hunt, Gillislee, Ty Mont, Darren McFadden
WR- Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Davante Adams
TE- Jimmy Graham, ASJ
D- Jags
K- Matt Bryant

Also after trade processes I am planning to pickup Tyrod Taylor for Wentz’s poor matchups, their schedules actually line up perfectly. What do you guys think? I feel as this is me trading depth for an amazing flex play in Shady McCoy who just had his BYE. Let me know and thanks in advance!!


Very solid! Go for it…


you have bell and hunt? jebus who even needs a QB


Absolutely do that. I assume this is an 8 man league?


Thank you guys and surprisingly no it’s a 10 team league… I’ve made 6 trades so far this season to acquire the talent I have


Great trade!


Thank you!! I’m going all in this year and I think Shady bounces back in the second half… the bills have a great schedule coming up!


You lucky bastard you won the league. Start planning for next year.


I won this week but with this roster as crazy as it sounds I’m 3-3 after the win this week. Just bad breaks in the schedule


Very nice. You have a very solid team, JJ just needs to turn it up though


I’m sitting at 3-3 after a win this week lol I drafted 2nd overall and grabbed Bell… was able to snatch up Kareem Hunt in the 4th RD. Made an early season trade of Davante Parker and Demarco Murray (when he still had value) for Julio Jones… made my next trade of Tevin Coleman for Davante Adams before the season, then Emmanuel sanders for Gilly, then Kirck Cousins and Jordan Reed for Mike Evans, and also traded Baldwin and Kamara for Ty Mont (regretting that). Now this trade. That’s how I’ve acquired this roster in a 10 man league


Thank you good sir! Trying to take it all this year… lost in the championship last year and won the league the year before last… trying to continue the dynasty lol!