Grade this dynasty team


Jordan Howard
Melvin Gordon
Carlos Hyde
Benny Cunningham
Cory Grant

Aj Green
Robby Anderson
Kelvin benjaim
Mack Hollins
Ryan Grant
Brice butler
Ted Gin
Evan engram

Chargers D
Seahawks D
What you guys think???

looks like a start up? so you still have a rookie draft right? if so you need to target WR and QB. having 2 QBs in a dynasty is painful. you need a minimum of 3, i would say 4 to be safe.

your RBs are fantastic. that by itself is worthy of a good grade, as its hard to get that many good RBs. not much to say, you have a good 4 man group you can swap around, and decent late round guys that could turn into something if things go your way. RBs are an A.

WRs are not horrible, but you only have 3 guys that are locked for production. only 2 really since landry, we dont know what he will be like in Cleveland. after that its good depth with potential, but you need more. i would give this group a C+

QBs are both great, but like i said you need depth something awful. both of your QBs are set to throw for a lot of yards, and a lot of TDs. what else could you want? you just need more. B.

D, eh you could have done better. having 2 is fine. it just needs to be 2 you can trust. seahawks sound great, until you remember their whole D is basically gone. and chargers, i actually like this D for next year. but that is the most snake bitten team ever so im not confident in them. overall not horrible, so another B.

probably a B overall. you have things to improve on in the rookie draft (if you have one) that could turn this into a really nice get.

I wouldn’t be that stressed about QB, but definitely agree with the rest of what Buster said. The depth of your WRs (or lack thereof) is concerning, and your top 4 RBs are strong, with very little behind them. I’d be more concerned with finding WRs than QBs, personally.

Cam is a good option, while IMO he’s not one of the elite. His running capability can turn any week into top production, though.
Mahomes can turn out to be a top tier qb with all of the weapons and arm talent he has.
Maybe look to pick up another qb on waivers just to have soem extra depth, but i think you will be good with these two.

Hunt and Gordon give you a really good 1,2 punch, and Howard will be a nice flex start. With Matt Nagy, Allen Robinson, and Trey Burton coming to Chicago, Howard can only get better from last year where he had so many people in the box. Hopefully he doesn’t see too much decreased playing time with Nagy liking receiving backs. Hyde’s production will depend on if they grab Barkley or not.

WR: B-
AJ Green is an elite talent but after having just traded him from my dynasty team, i feel like he busts too much. Any given week he could have 100+ and a TD.
Hill may see decreased production with Watkins coming to town.
Not a huge fan of Landry unless this is a PPR league.
I would look to package Hill or Landry with Carlos Hyde for depth needy team that has a solid starter at receiver. Maybe Keenan Allen or Devante Adams. Someone like that.

Defense: B
Chargers are a decent starter, and despite the departures in Seattle, they still have Earl thomas, Bobby Wagner, and other top talent.

Overall: B

Thanks for the input guys
.I won it last year with out Aj, Landty, and Hyde Just got them guys In 3 deals
No picks this year
Thinking about flipping Howard for some depth

i only say that because in a dynasty there is usually only garbage to pull off of waivers. so if one goes down hurt, you have no options to work around. otherwise i dont bother too much with QBs either. just some depth.

Certainly true, but serious QB injuries are relatively common (this year aside), and I’d be fine just picking up the back up in that situation and rolling with either Cam or Mahomes (whichever is still healthy) weekly and using the backup when absolutely necessary.

Though one other argument for a QB is that they can be a nice piece for trades of someone is desperate.