Grade this trade please?

Full ppr

Gronk and Josh Gordon


Howard, Manny Sanders, and Jordan Reed?

Are you trading away Gronk and Gordon or acquiring them?

potentially acquiring

Shoot… go for it!!

I personally like the Howard/Sanders/Reed side of this trade a lot more.

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The only thing concerning is… Gronk might get injured sooner or later and Gordon hasn’t ‘shown up’ yet. Its a gamble, but Howards is a freight train. Try to see if you can give away a lower tier RB

i don’t think he will go for it… maybe hyde.
if i get the gronk and gordon side, i still have AB tate and Melvin hyde w pretty decent depth behind them

i like sanders reed howard

help me here
recieve julio and lamar give away melvin

ive got connor mixon lewis sony royce
ive got hopkins landry hogan landry agholor tate davis

i like julio lamar with the rest of your team