Grade this trade: worth the RB downgrade?

Full PPR
I am giving up GUrley and Slayton for Godwin and Fournette

My other RBs are Chubb, akers, dobbins, swift :(

WR: adams, chark, deebo, Gage, fuller, Slayton

Should i do it?!

Godwin injury status is a bit up in the air. You could conceivably have an all injured wr group. Add in that bucs rb isn’t really something you want to rely on right now and it’s a trade I’d look to get more injury information and wait on.

If you can afford the loss and can find another rb to mean you don’t need Fournette weekly then it’s maybe worth it season long. But right now it seems a trade that leaves you depleted and really struggling to field a lineup week 4

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yea my Rb that i wold have to start is chubb and fournette >.<

and yes trade depends on godwins injury.


As it is currently, Godwin is getting an MRI on his hamstring today.

I have a feeling he will be out for a week or 2 minimum.