Grade This Trade

What does everyone think of this trade … ?

Send: Dalvin Cook and Allen Robinson
Receive: DeAndre Hopkins and Jerick McKinnon

Is it PPR or standard scoring? Who are your other Rb’s and Wr’s?

Standard scoring

RBs: Melvin Gordon, Dalvin Cook, Jordan Howard, Marshawn Lynch, Kerryon Johnson, James White and Adrian Peterson
WRs: Tyreek Hill, Allen Robinson, Robby Anderson, Nelson Agholor, Cooper Cupp and Mike Williams
TE: David Njoku


Its a good trade. Hopkins helps improve your team at WR now you have a Top 5 WR1 and are strong at RB with high upside. I have been not as confident in cook as of late and even though i think mckinnon wont be top 12 i think you benefit from the WR upgrade.

The bears will spread the ball around between Trey Burton, Robinson, Miller, White, Cohen and Howard. So Arob wont have as much value.

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Thanks! That’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking.

Due to your roster, I like it… only for that reason though. I do not like Mckinnon at all, especially where he is being drafted. As a backup, he’s okay… but even then he might not be there for you when you need him for bye weeks etc. I question his durability.

Hopkins is the meat and potatoes of the trade and really gives you a good receiving group to start week to week.

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I like the trade, Hopkins really helps your WR spots. Not a huge fan of McKinnon…he has high upside but high injury risk as well.

It’s either (a) McKinnon or (b) Derrick Henry and bench player with upside. What do you think?

It’s a fair trade for you. You’re solid in standard scoring starting Gordon/Howard. Hopkins gives you a solid WR1 too. McKinnon could be a great flex play if healthy. And I’m higher than most on Hill, but I like him as a WR2