Graham for mariota, ROY

So I need a qb for ROY, I have goff right now but I want someone with juicy matchups. I have both graham and Olsen, hopefully by week 12 olsen will be back. Would mariota be a good trade candidate? The guy who has him has no TE

How big is your league? Are you under any transaction constraints? Do you have a short bench?

If the answer is 10 or 12, no, and no… I’d actually just stream QBs and hold on to both TEs. Graham has been banged up off and on, while Olsen is supposed to come back W12… but I’d rather have both to have my bases covered.

Goff will serve you fine, especially if you plan ahead a week at a time and grab decent streamers when necessary.

grab bortles off waivers if available. such an easy next few weeks its unbelievable. sure hes bortles but hes putting up a consistent 14-18 points a week against decent teams.

Okay cool, yeah I’ll probably stream qb’s, 10 man league. So there’s bound to be a good matchup somewhere on the waiver wire, unfortunately bortles was swiped 2 weeks ago