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Great On Paper Doesn't Matter


I’m in a 14 team super deep league with players who all understand Fantasy Football and are very active. There’s usually at least one blockbuster trade a week and everyone is very active on the waiver wire. What I’m saying is, if I want to win this league I’ve got to put in work, but here’s the problem: My team apparently didn’t get the memo. On paper, and I may be bias here, is one of the strongest in the league if I’m trying to be as objective as possible, but I’m 0-4. So I’m trying to decide if I need to completely blow up my team and go radical with this or ride out the storm. You tell me:

QBs: Alex Smith / Derek Carr
RBs: McCaffrey / Hyde / Mixon / Jamal Charles / Alfred Morris / D’onta Foreman (obviously those last three are speculative)
WRs: Julio Jones (wtf guy) / Jeremy Maclin / Rishard Mathews / Mike Wallace (what happened to this dude???) / Cooper Kupp / John Brown
TE: Jared Cook (What happened to the juggarnout that looked like the Raider Offense preseason???) / Greg Olsen (In IR spot)
D/ST: Chiefs
Kicker: Dan Bailey

This is a non-PPR league.

Any help would be fantastic.


I would try to trade for a QB depending on the Carr injury, Grab a different TE I stream mine but I picked up Austin Jenkins.