Great team on paper that has me super tilted!

I could drop either Alshon or Tyrell Williams

I hope this is a joke. Those guys are both WR1’s on their teams and have put up good numbers. Hardman will be the 4th or 5th option next week when Hill is back.

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Well I was honestly thinking to drop Tyrell only because I never play him since Waller is my TE. I guess I could just try to trade him for something.

I have JuJu, Thielen, Woods, Alshon, Tyrell, McLaurin.

All of those guys are better than Hardman. So yes you could try to trade some guys but I would never drop any of those guys for Hardman.

Ok cool thanks for the advice

I was offered last night McCoy and Ridley for JuJu…not sure if I can wait too much longer to find out if JuJu is going to produce…I’m 2-2 in 6th place so far

I agree with @sdatkins, I would not trade JuJu away for scraps. McCoy is going to take a hit with Williams back. Ridley has been awful.

I think you have to hold onto Juju. I’m fine with moving him for players but not those players.

It’s just super tilting when all my studs are doing nothing…even Zeke hasnt really put together a great game yet and Aaron jones looks like hot garbage so far

this is my current roster…

JuJu, Thielen, Woods, Alshon, Tyrell Williams, McLaurin
Zeke, A. Jones, Sanders, Thompson
(Brees on IR)

Woods only put up 9.8 pts last night … this shit is just frustrating at this point lolol

In my one league I drafted Hopkins, JuJu, and Theilen as 1-2-3. I feel you pain! Haha! But just keep wheeling and dealing, always trying to trade up. For example, in that same league: I traded Goff, JuJu, and McLaurin for Saquon, Woods, and Russel Wilson 1.5 weeks ago! That’s worked out pretty well for me so far. Just keep sending off those trade offers.