Greatest Dynasty Roster ever!?

So going into year 2 of my 12 team Dynasty league, it’s 2rb, 2wr, 1te, and 2 flex. My current starting roster is Lamar Jackson, Joe Mixon and Nick Chubb at RB, DJ Moore and Kenny Golladay at WR, Traves Kelce at TE, AJ Brown and Allen Robinson in the flex. So I feel great about my starters but I have basically no depth at RB. I did pick up J. Jefferson and A. Gibson in the rookie draft. I keep getting the itch to make a move in a trade but not sure if I should just hold the roster as is and see what happens.

What do you guys think? I feel like a have a real chance to win this year if my team stays healthy.

I like what you have but I would stay open to offers. Maybe rading down could be an option. Kelce for Andrews and something as an example. You don’t have to be the instigator necessarily.

If you have the itch to mess with a current roster maybe you need another league.

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Yeah I’m happy with the roster but Chubb makes me nervous, hopefully Hunt is out after this season. The Kelce for Andrews is interesting…