Greatest trade if all time?

Receives- Todd gurley
kareem hunt
Alex smith
stefon diggs
Travis Kelce
Greg Zuerlein

Gives- Hunter Henry

the note says hey i seen you was struggling and i wanted to bless you with a little treat*

i love football but i am 95% sure this is a good trade right? first year playing

This is why people quit fantasy.


I am about to accept i think.

so it’s bad.

good luck having that go through

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i’m very confused.

Critical depression activated

Yeah that doesn’t seem like a great league you are in. Looks like a free league. You need to join leagues where money is involved and people take it seriously.
But yes take that trade even though it might get denied.

ok i got my hopes on i did a draft with this guy like 30 mins ago and all the people was rookies but himself

Yeah stick to real Money Leagues. Each year around the start of football a lot of posts pop up with leagues of people who use this site. Do money ones but make sure the money is all secure in one of those company things.

alright thanks @Swingshot64 make sure to check out my newest thread :wink:

If you are bored check out my team =P