Green and Gore/Kelly for Gurley?

He needs WRs I need a reliable RB2. I don’t even know if he’ll go for it.

My RBs are:
Hunt,Kelly, gore, Mack, white, stewart

My WRs are:
Green, Evans, Allen, Goodwin, Ricardo lewis

You need a reliable RB2 so you go after the #1 scoring RB (top 5 anyway). If I were a Gurley owner, I wouldn’t have to think much on that and reject immediately.

You would have to give up Hunt to get Gurley and even that might not be enough with Hunt’s TD drought.

Agreed. But I would try it with Gore and hope mack takes over :smile:

I guess I spelled needed “RB1” wrong sorry lol its a total shot in the dark to get the trade done but for him to survive I think he needs a WR1 like green. Hes got Mike Wallace, Crowder, Shepard (from Carolina) and moncrief. He just lost Zeeke for 6 weeks.