Green and Jordan Howard for OBJ and Agholor

Trade in the title. Standard league. Would still have Gurley and Collins at RB and Thielen and Fitz at WR

someone is selling the Agholor high after last night huh?

Green and Howard.

Gap between OBJ and Green isn’t enough to get rid of a guy like Howard who has RB1 potential.

Beckham is damn valuable.

Green and Howard, but it’s mostly because RBs are hard to get. The value is pretty close imo.

I love OBJ, but I still have to go with Green + Howard given this is standard.

Agholor, despite having all those catches, yielded you like 3 points yesterday in a standard league. There’s no chance I feel comfortable starting Agholor in a standard league.

AJ Green is due for reversion to the mean. Expecting big things from him this year.