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Green Bay Situation


Does Montgomery not likely playing increase Davante Adams workload enough to play him over Jaron Brown today?


Adams should be played over Jaron Brown regardless in my opinion


Normally yes. Just wondering whether they’ll baby him back after last weeks concussion.


I don’t think so. This isn’t a soft tissue injury or anything like that. Generally once you clear concussion protocol you’re full go


Theoretically I could start one and flex one and drop garçon. What you think about that?


In that case I would play Adams and Garcon. Garcon has a nice matchup today. Jaron Brown does too, I’m starting Jaron Brown today myself. But if I had Adams and Garcon as other options I wouldn’t be


I’m close to tossing a coin. In my eyes brown is slightly more favourable as a number 2 against a defence that will target Fitzgerald. Adams is probably number 3 behind cobb and nelson. Garçon is a number 1 for a team who could be chasing. This would be simpler if I hadn’t already played amendola lol


Garcon is a must play in my opinion. The other two could be a toss up