Green for Ajaiyi?

Standard league

I have been approached to trade green away for Ajaiyi. Countered Ajaiyi dor Bell ( he has Hunt too). He is hard yp for WR and i think Green is more valuable than Ajaiyi.


Ummm… Green and Bell are in a different league in terms of fantasy value when compared to ajayi. I’m not sure why you would take either trade.

I agree. Green is all Dalton has really and he is a target machine. His name is good too so you’ll be able to get more for him especially for a WR hard up guy.

He has all three: Bell, Hunt and Ajaiyi. He wants green. I think he needs to give up hunt or bell for green

Ohhhhh yes I see now. Hey, if he offers hunt or bell, and you have two wrs you can play that are okay, I say do it. Bengals have a tough playoff schedule, whereas these other two have an amazing one.

I doubt he will go through with this though.